Eco-Friendly Aspects of Menstrual Cups

November 26, 2015

Vubino is not only good for your body, but it’s good for the world! Start making a positive change and make the one time switch to Vubino.

Investing in this product will lower health risks as well as the amount of garbage you produce each month.

Since the Vubino is a reusable product, you cut down on the waste you produce each month. No longer will your bathroom waste bin be filled to the brim with used tampons at the end of the week. Plus, tampons and pads come with applicators and adhesive covers that only add to the amount of trash you’re producing. With Vubino there are no disposable applicators, no plastic wrapping, and no empty boxes to throw away at the end of each month. Not only is this convenient, but it’s better on the environment!

Think of all that toilet paper you waste when you have to wrap up your used tampon before you hide it at the bottom of the trash can. With Vubino, you simply wash it off and re-insert. No waste!

Plus think of what tampons and pads are made of. Don’t forget all the cardboard packaging and plastic pieces you are also throwing away each month. Vubino is made of 100% silicone. That means no trees have to be sacrificed in the name of your menstrual cycle.

Let’s eliminate all those pesky plastic wrappers. Let’s cut down on trash and save some trees! Better your life and better the environment today. Mother nature will be sure to thank you.

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