Menstrual Cups vs. Tampons vs. Liners

September 15, 2015

We know what you’re thinking… You want me to stick a cup up THERE? And the answer is yes, we definitely do!

Menstrual cups are small two inch cups made of silicone. You simply fold them up and place them into your body kind of like a tampon. However, a menstrual cup is much better than a tampon.

Tampons are made with cotton fibers that dry out your vaginal walls of it’s natural lubricants. This dryness can cause small tears on your vaginal walls which contribute to the cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. When you remove a tampon, these tears create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to TSS.

It’s the same with pads and liners. These can cause chafing and can lead to an adult diaper rash of sorts. Since the Vubino is made of a non-absorbent silicone material, there is no dryness, no tears, and no potential danger for TSS or any other bacterial infection.

Plus, you only need one! Your monthly trip to the tampon aisle is no longer necessary. You won’t have to sort through a bunch of tampons in your purse to find your keys anymore.

Tampons and liners need to be changed out every couple of hours. Vubino can be left for up to 12 hours with no worries about leaks! The specially designed cup creates a suction that prevents leakage and saves your underwear.

Vubino simplifies your period and makes that time of the month less of a hassle. And it’s the safer and more affordable option for dealing with your period. So in the battle of Menstrual Cups vs. Tampons vs. Liners, Vubino comes out on top.

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