Tampon Tax Deduction

July 27, 2018

What’s all this fuss about $37 for tampons as an office expense when all we gotta do is spend $28 on a menstrual cup and that covers one woman for 3+ years?! Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney is onto something in the grander scheme of things. This isn’t just about a meager expense he graciously reimbursed out of his own pocket; this is about justice and equality. No doubt if men bled from their nether regions every month there would have been ample sanitary supplies in the White House and every other government run facility since 1776.

Seems somewhat ironic that men have a toilet bowl specifically created just so they can piss easier! Urinals are installed in most major public locations and this isn’t questioned, but to provide a sanitary tool for a woman to use that would cost significantly less than this unnecessary convenience is just one more blatant slap in the face for the mass injustice women have been suffering for centuries.

It’s ok, though. We’re patient. We know you’ll come around, but for Christ’s sake, hurry up already!

Why don’t you just offer a $28 tax deduction for every woman in the country? You’ll not only shock the bejesus out of us at your generosity, you’ll likely end up saving in the long run since you won’t have to worry about the extra 300 pounds of waste we create with the disposable stuff.

You’ll also look good because this is not only a more affordable option for you and for us, it’s also safer and more sustainable. This is a no brainer, guys. No need to thank me.

You’re Welcome 🙂


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